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17 points celestial dating

Within these circular rings is a small terrestrial globe J, fixed on an axis K, which extends from the north and south poles of the globe at n and s, to those of the celestial sphere at N and S.

On this axis is fixed the flat celestial meridian L L, which may be set directly over the meridian of any place on the globe, so as to keep over the same meridian upon it.

On pages 1b–2a two round medallions carry an inscription stating the work’s subject and saying that it was prepared for the Treasury of Sultan Murad III (r. The work, which was written by the court panegyrist (uri, consists of two main sections.

The first begins with the universe and the signs of the zodiac and continues with stories taken from the Torah, the New Testament, and the Qur’an which tell of the lives of prophets and those who rendered service to the faith. The first part ends with genealogical trees of the Prophet Muhammad, the Four Orthodox Caliphs, and the sultans and high officials of Muslim dynasties such as the Umayyads, the ‘Abbasids, the early Islamic period, the Ghaznawids, the Ilkhanids, the Seljuqs and the Timurids.

Each quarter of the former of these colures is divided into 90 degrees, from the equinoctial to the poles of the world, for showing the declination of the sun, moon, and stars; and each quarter of the latter, from the ecliptic as e and f, to its poles b and d, for showing the latitude of the stars.

In the north pole of the ecliptic is a nut b, to which is fixed one end of the quadrantal wire, and to the other end a small sun Y, which is carried round the ecliptic B—B, by turning the nut : and in the south pole of the ecliptic is a pin d, on which is another quadrantal wire, with a small moon Ζ upon it, which may be moved round by hand : but there is a particular contrivance for causing the moon to move in an orbit which crosses the ecliptic at an angle of 5⅓ degrees, to opposite points called the moon's nodes; and also for shifting these points backward in the ecliptic, as the moon's nodes shift in the heaven.

[Cream of Histories] by Seyyid Loqman ibn Hüseyin ibn el-’Asuri el-Urmevi.

The scroll was started during the reign of Süleyman I (1520-66) and was taken over by Loqman in 1569 when he officially became the court historiographer.

The linear path that the Sun describes across the sky is called the ecliptic.

We will use the reference points of the celestial sphere as the basis for several coordinate systems used to place celestial locations with respect to one another and to us.

The celestial sphere is an imaginary hollow globe that encloses the Earth. It can be taken to be infinite (or at least really big), with an infinitesimal Earth at the center.

The second part opens with Sultan Osman, the founder of the Ottoman dynasty, and goes up to Sultan Murad III, with 12 portraits of Ottoman sultans.

It ends with descriptions of the political events of these sultans’ reigns.) [The Pearl of Wonders and the Uniqueness of Strange Things], was accompanied with a colored world map and a picture of Ka’bah.

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This flat meridian is graduated the same way as the brass meridian of the common globe, and its use is much the same.

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