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Automatic updating charts in excel

The Play MP3 procedure creates an OLE object that links to the file in the active cell.The Verb method loads the linked file into the default MP3 player, and then the OLE object is deleted.If you create a chart based on a cell range, updates to data within the original range are reflected in the chart.I am trying to create an automatic updating chart for excel using the information from If the active cell contains something other than a valid path to an MP3 file, a message is displayed and nothing happens.It's fast, and you'll never see a security warning message. Copy Old Menu End With Category: Formatting | [Item URL] If you use Excel 2007 or later, you may not have discovered the "special" Font dialog box that's available when you're working with a Text Box or text in a Shape.You can also update a chart by adding, changing, or removing data.When you update the underlying data of a chart, the chart's data and appearance also changes.

You can instantly update a chart with changed values, or you can dynamically change the underlying source data.

By the way, this VBA macro also works with image files. Add a text box and some text, select the text, right-click, and choose Font. Excel displays this Font dialog box that is unlike its other Font dialog boxes.

A colleague and I have an issue with the refreshing of charts in excel.

You have entered the first two dates for April in Column A, which contains the field name Date in A1.

The corresponding temperature for each day will appear in Column B, which contains the field name Temperature in B1.

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