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Online dating is the word which will tempt all youngsters especially boys.

Even though there are thousands of online dating websites out there, many of them end up being fake.

All the profiles are fake and those the fake responders try to get you to sign up for video chat which cost extra $$$. My mates recommended it as its super busy with plenty of hot chicks so im giving it my best shot.

It also seemed like I was double charged on my credit card but when making an inquiry I was informed when you click the "pay now" button it automatically gives you mobile and some additional feature which I was not at all aware of. Will see how I get on but so far so good y'all, well worth a look. DO NO GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD - they will keep repeat billing on the card and if you try yo cancel your subscription will throw every roadblock possible.

And unsubscribing from the Be Naughty online dating website seems like impossible, as even if you unsubscribe to avoid emails from Be Naughty, somehow you will still receive emails from Be

If you are one of those unlucky Be Naughty online dating website users from India, and if you are interested in learning how to unsubscribe from Be Naughty easily, then today we are here with a detailed guide on the same.

Be Naughty has been around for many years delivering what it promises: A naughty time for adults.

There is something refreshing about a site that delivers its brand message so openly.

Indeed, when a member wants to cancel his/her account there are some bonuses offered, quite nice ones, by the way! read more » Do not go near this site it is not real. I found out the hard way, I was billed within 5 days. Besides, we never charge customers out of the blue sky. read more » Funny how so many of the 'real women' had recently moved to the suburb where I live One message the name of my suburb was obviously cut and pasted - a different font and font size, and with grey shading behind it! And you soon realise the messages from these women are scripted, so often using terms like "I'm down to crap, how about you babe? And the "Verification Meet Up ID" they all sooner or later request, to protect them just in case you are a "sex criminal" makes you feel like you're on trial. Like others here have described it - "Absolute scam", "a scam" and "Absolutely a scam" really sums it up. You can tell by what they say and how they respond. They pretend to be genuine contacts but are employed by the site!

Then when you try to cancel you get a 6 question essay on why you want to cancel and an option to pay more money if you want to weed out "spammers". You get a few cam girls trying it on every so often (same everywhere) but generally the girls seem to be real.

This leads me to believe they inject spam to get you to pay more to get rid of it. Hookup hangout-took me to amsterdam(not NY)the netherlands! I even gave my phone said call/and never heard a f-in word(ring) If all you want is chat then this os an ok site bit dont give them a credit card number! Much better on OKC and POF and never had problems there... Personally prefer hookuphangout because ive actually got lucky on that site so know that its possible. If you were a retailer in a high street you would have been shut down by Trading Standards long time ago!!

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Try out Be Naughty absolutely free of charge and get chatting to the girls near you.

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These systems send standard messages from females' profiles, that... It's an organisation which is somehow getting away with fraud, extortion, profit by deception, scamming and any other illegal monetary gain you care to slap on it. We don't create any fake profiles and bots to chat with members. The ACCC needs to investigate them and I'll be putting in an official complaint.

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