Dating in the eighteenth century substitute teacher dating former student

Dating in the eighteenth century

Then again, the razors they were using were quite old, and noticeably thinner than they started out, having been sharpened countless times over the years.

Unlike today’s do-it-yourself routine, men usually visited a barber to get a shave in the 18th century.

It would take him two days to get from the Cotswolds, where he lived, to central London, where he had his business.

Two days of rattling, bone-shaking discomfort, sitting cheek-by-jowl with people he probably would have preferred not to have been sitting next to!

Of the three, the balance was the scientist's most constant aid; it was owing to his habit of always weighing with great care the substances he used in his experiments that Lavoisier achieved results of such lasting importance.

Clearly, the balance used by Lavoisier was simple, but it was also extremely sensitive and accurate.

He recorded the mileage, he recorded the length of journey and whether he had a meal, he recorded the route and the turnpike tolls, and he recorded the weather on the trip!

The necessity for the careful weighing of substances at all stages of an experiment had been neglected by earlier scientists, and the result was, as we shall see, that certain incorrect ideas were widely believed.

It was not until these had been corrected that further progress in chemistry became possible.

“What we are showing and hope to be demonstrating regularly is how men in a government facility shaved in the 18th century, and how these government men lived and groomed themselves as they worked, ate, and slept, and shaved at the Public Armoury,” said Tim.

They used actual straight blades dating to the late 18th and early 19th century.

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