Delphi 7 updating

Delphi 7 updating

The main issue seems to be the ascii to unicode conversion. You will have to use a conditional in order to use the right GIF unit: Also you need to "fix" the PNG provided by Embarcadero: things that you need to know is that you really have to backup your project before opening it in Delphi 2010.

Any tips or resources about this that you have found useful? Edit: At this point my recomendation for other people (that want to upgrade) would be: Wide String identical to String in Delphi 2009 What is the compiler version for Delphi 2010? Delphi 2010 will change your DFM file even if you don't press the Save button. Unfortunately, quite few of them are not working at all (background compilation, UML modeling, code insight for example), others have been downgraded (the help and for example).

The mask is not updated automatically with a new file extension when the user selects a different file type from the list.

You have to do that manually in the uses ..., Dlgs, Commdlg; procedure TForm1. Filter Index = 1 then Exit; i := Send Message(Get Parent(Open Dialog1.

The combobox allowed the user to pick a field and enter a value beside it.

My question now is, then, how can i design my form to accommodate for all possible field updates?

When showing the initial directory it lists only the files that match the current extension type chosen which is what I want.

Update does not invalidate the control, but simply forces a repaint of any regions that have already been invalidated.

Call Repaint instead to invalidate the control as well.

Add('SET (: Set Field Selection) = (: Set Text Selection)'); ado Query1. Add('WHERE (: Where Field Selection) = (: Where Text Selection)'); ado Query1.

Consider dynamically formatting the SQL string that then uses parameterized values: ado Query1. Add(format('UPDATE tbl CUSTOMER SET %S = : Set Text Selection', [Set Field Selection])); ado Query1. Add(format('WHERE %S = : Where Text Selection', [Where Fied Selection])); ado Query1.

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To you and the two people who up-voted this so far: I know that opening the Delphi help from the IDE is a bit slow, but it should still be faster than asking on SO and waiting for answers.

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