Web service reference not updating dating a bar girl in thailand

Web service reference not updating

After a long time I created a WCF Service with ws2007Http Binding which has a complex data model (with inheritance involved). The client I was trying to create is MVC 4 web application (which I am most familiar with).

I created the service as usual with the well known configuration and hoping it to work. The app was already present and I just need to add a service reference to consume my wcf service. Now its time to call the service method by creating an instance of the client proxy. Started to trace to identify what went wrong: First step I did is checking the proxy code (because I can't relay on intellisense for 100% accuracy.

I was able to reproduce the issue in a new MVC6 solution created with the beta8 tools; I created a solution with a new MVC6 project and then added a class library (non-packaged) to the solution. It seems that if the files for the external references in wrap folder have a reference to the 'dnx451' framework than it seems this bug appears. I add an non-packaged library project to the solution and then adding it as a project reference in a web app does not cause this problem. NET and Web Tools 2015 (RC1 Update 1) 14.1.11120.0 Created a ASP.

I then removed the reference to core CLR from and switched the class library to build against . I then added the new class library to the via right-click 'Add - Reference', restored packages, and confirmed that the class library appears in the solution explorer. So the simple way to get Visual Studio 2015 to 'see' the external . It only occurs for existing projects that were not created in my solution. NET Web Api project and added a second Class Library project using . In the Class Library project I am trying to add a reference to 3 dlls to make SCCM SDK calls: adminui.wqlqueryengine microsoft.configurationmanager.managedbase microsoft.configurationmanagement.managementprovider The first two DLLs are loaded without any issues however the last one ending with "managementprovider" is giving me the following error: "NU101 Dependency microsoft.configurationmanagement.managementprovider I was able to solve the issue but I think that there is a bug somewhere here.

(I assume you used Add Reference dialog to add a project reference?

) Really a big problem, if we can't add references to class libraries.

Unfortunately, there is a small but annoying limitation on your ability to choose any namespace you like; Visual Studio will always with the current project's default namespace. The application depends on a service My Service, for which I'm adding a service reference with that same name. Usually, this is not a big problem, but sometimes this is not what you want, so I went to look for some way to get rid of the bit that Visual Studio adds for me. When generating a proxy class with svcutil.exe, you have full control over the namespace being used.

This guide demonstrates how to consume different web service technologies.

It turns out that Visual Studio does actually allow for some customization beyond what is offered in the dialog box it shows you.

After you've added the service reference, enable the Show All Files option in your solution explorer.

Since ATS is enabled by default in apps built for i OS 9, all connections will be subject to ATS security requirements.

If connections do not meet these requirements, they will fail with an exception.

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A work around could be add as nuget package, but we loose the capability to debug.

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